High Percentage Jiu-Jitsu: Scarf Choke from Side Control


This is a lapel choke that’s extremely effective and very difficult to escape from when set up correctly. Bernardo likes this because it’s a no risk finish. If he has his opponent in side control, the submission he thinks about are the ones that still leave him in a strong position if he isn’t successful. That’s the case with this collar choke. If he doesn’t get the finish, he still ends up in top in north-south.

1. Bernardo has his opponent (Grant) in side control.


2. Bernardo opens up his gi with his left hand, the side near his opponent’s feet. Then he adjusts the gi so that he’s holding the end of the lapel in his left hand and returns down into the side control.


3. Since Bernardo’s head and shoulder were blocking his opponents view, he’ll sit back into the side control and hope that his opponent doesn’t know he has his own lapel.


4. Next, Bernardo feeds his left hand between his opponent’s farside arm and his body.


5. Now Bernardo passes the lapel from his left hand to his right hand and pulls the lapel close to his opponent’s neck.


6. Bernardo brings his left hand back to block his opponent’s nearside hip.


7. While blocking the hip, so that his opponent can’t follow, Bernardo moves his legs to his right, pivoting on his opponent and getting into the north-south position.


8. Once at the north-south position, Bernardo posts his right foot and dips his head over to the other side of his opponent. This movement finishes the choke and produces the tap.


Key Points
If your opponent doesn’t tap when you switch your head, you can bring your left hand to the collar and pull harder to finish the choke.

If you don’t get the tap, you’re still in the north-south position on top.



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