04Should I wear a cup?

If you plan on competing at any point, the answer is definitely no. Typically cups are not allowed in most grappling tournaments. Even if competition isn’t in your future, our answer is still no. Wearing a cup can do more harm than good, maybe not for you, but definitely for your training partners. Having a hard fulcrum to execute an armbar with can be dangerous for your partner. There are other positions where having a cup on can give you an unfair advantage while training. Yes, none of us likes to be struck in the junk, but in all honesty it’s pretty uncommon. It’s going to happen for sure, but not as often as you might think. There’s an unspoken rule in jiu-jitsu, avoid the junk. If I’m attacking, I’m not looking for my privates to play any role whatsoever in the implementation of my attacks. Same goes for the other person; they don’t want your junk involved in anything either.

Jiu-jitsu for MMA. If you’re training jiu-jitsu techniques where striking is involved, you definitely want to put a cup on.

I’ve done some jiu-jitsu in the past and want to get back into it. But I’m 40 now, am I too old to start?

Never too old, just pay attention to your body. We don’t heal as quickly as we used to (I’m 41). You more than likely have a full-time job and want to show up for work on Monday, so keep that in mind if you experience an injury. Give your body time to heal and see a professional if you feel it’s something that might be serious. Two supplements worth looking into are Glucosamine/Chondroitin and fish oil.  I’ve been taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin for years. It took about five weeks after I started taking it before I noticed a difference, but I noticed it when it kicked in. After a night-time training session, I’d wake up just kind of sore in all my joints at the start of the day. Then one morning I woke up and forgot that I trained the night before because I didn’t feel any aches. Fish Oil, specifically Omega-3’s, also have a positive impact on joint health along with other benefits for those of us over 40. We’ve published multiple articles on this subject. Check out Issue 7 for more info on Glucosamine and Chondroitin and Issue 16 for info on Fish Oil.




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