André Galvão Toe Hold From Upside Down Guard

7. Pull his legs apart, it might sound difficult, but is easier than you’d think.


8. Pull the leg that’s over your thigh across your body and feed under your left leg to lock up a figure-four on his leg. Use both hands to lock that up if you need to but remain tight to that leg of his that’s between yours.


9. With his legs both tied up it’s nearly impossible for him to escape. Bring your focus back to his left leg. You can finish with a knee bar like the previous technique or go for a toehold.


10. To finish with the toe-hold grab across his left foot with your fight hand with you palm over his pinky toe. Lock up a Kimura grip of your right wrist with your left hand.


11. Unlike a knee bar where you’d want his leg stretched out, you want to finish the toehold with his knee bent.


12. The last detail is to curl both your wrists downward to finish the submission.





Mike Velez is the Editor and Publisher of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. He has been training since 2009 and is a brown belt under Rafael Oliveira of Gracie Barra in Chino, CA. You can contact Mike at

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