Pull-up Power!

Standard Pull-ups/Chin-ups
Like the traditional push-up, there’s the standard pull-up/chin-up. Both follow the same movement of pulling one’s weight up and down; however, the primary difference is the grip taken, with pull-ups being overhand and chin-ups being under-hand. Pull-ups tend to be the more difficult of the two so most assume it’s better, but that’s not necessarily true. That has more to do with body mechanics. For every argument you can find on why the pull-up is better, you’ll find just as many favoring the chin-up. The grips can either be placed at mid-range (the most common), close, or wide.

1.    Choose your grip beforehand, grasp the bar above you, dead hang your body so your elbows are straight, bend your legs, and cross your feet.


2.    Look upward at the bar, begin pulling yourself up leading with your chest, shoulders back, drive your elbows to the floor, until they are bent as far as possible and your chin passes above the bar.


3.    Lower yourself down to the starting position and repeat the steps.


Hang Out
2011 NCAA Division 1 National Wrestling Champion, Anthony Robles would hang for 30 minutes straight after he completed his workout. While it may not be working his back to the same extent as a pull-up/chin-up, it gave his arms (especially his forearms) extraordinary muscular endurance and a ridiculous grip!


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