Thiago Sa Fortes Silva – X-Guard To Back Take


X-Guard To Back Take
Starting from step 2 of the first technique, Tony attempts a different counter by grabbing Thiago’s left pant leg. By doing so, this eliminates the ability for Thiago to extend his legs. All at once Thiago will remove his left butterfly hook from inside to outside, while gripping near the ankle cuff of Tony’s left pant leg with both hands, and shifting it from his right shoulder to over and past his left. Keeping his left-hand grip on the pant leg, Thiago sits up quickly, placing himself behind Tony, and hugs around his waist with his right arm to control the hip. This motion inadvertently allows Thiago’s left leg to hook over Tony’s right leg. Next, Thiago releases the grip and posts his left hand on the mat, inserts his right leg as a hook so that he may free his left, and grips the far lapel with his right hand. He now hips out toward his left, so his left leg comes out. Once out, Thiago slides his left knee toward Tony’s left side and sits down on his leg. He’ll then fall to his right side, insert his left hook, secure a seat belt grip with his arms, and has taken the back.

1. Start from here.


2. Change your leg position and shift your partner to the opposite side.



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