Eddie Bravo’s Whip Down

4. This movement creates the space needed to pull his left arm in and “uppercut” his arm up against Calvin’s armpit.


5. As Eddie’s arm goes through, he swings his body back to his right side. Now Eddie is on his right side with Calvin on his knees and posted left hand.


6. Eddie is now controlling Calvin in the “Electric Underhooks.” One leg is locked down; the other is underhooked by Eddie’s right arm.  Eddie’s left arm is underhooking Calvin’s right arm and is around his back. Getting to this point greatly increases Eddie’s chances of getting to the Electric Chair.


Key Points

• In step three, if Eddie doesn’t have control of that leg, Calvin can work on the pass and eventually get to quarter-guard. At that point, the opportunity for the Whip Down has passed.

• Before performing the Whip Down, Eddie must practice patience. If Calvin is tight and squeezing at 100%, Eddie’s technique will not work, he must wait for the time that Calvin relaxes. Muscling through this move will give Calvin a clue on what’s coming, and he’ll respond by countering before anything happens, usually by straightening that underhooked left leg.

• From the Electric Underhooks, if Calvin sprawls out that left leg it will give Eddie enough room to post his right hand and move to a back take. Eddie calls this “Dog Fight.”

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