Toe Holds With Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros: Toe Hold Counter From Inside Omoplata

It’s not the first time we’ve had Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros gracing the pages as a main feature in JJM. Deb Blyth had a great interview article on him in Issue 29, giving us an inside look at the life of the always colorful and charismatic Comprido. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out just yet, I recommend you do. This time around however, we were lucky enough to have him take the time out of his busy schedule to come down to JJM HQ and give us a breakdown of some great technique on a classic move, the toe hold. This shoot was just days before his win in the Masters 1, Ultra Heavyweight division at the Pan Ams this March. An individual win is always great, but he’s seeing the fruits of labor in another area as well, as his team recently captured the title at the Chicago Open. Congratulations to the Brasa team! If you’d like to find more information on Comprido, his school, seminars, camps, etc. you can go to Assisting him with the techniques is fellow black belt, Marcelo Barbosa.


Toe Hold Counter From Inside Omoplata
Now the tables have turned and Marcelo has slapped on an omoplata on Comprido’s right arm. Instead of opting for an attempt at the escape, which Marcelo tried in the previous technique, Comprido decides to go on the offense. To protect his trapped arm, Comprido holds the inside of his own thigh tightly while on his toes, pushes off the mat with his free hand, postures up, and posts on his left leg. Immediately, Comprido grabs Marcelo’s toes in the same manner in all the previous techniques. He’ll then pull Marcelo’s leg up some, duck his head underneath and put Marcelo’s achilles tendon area right on the curve of the back of his head and neck, so that the heel is right at the end of it. Finally, Comprido lifts his head back, postures up more and pushes downward on the toes.


1. Start from inside your partner’s omoplata.


2. Grab inside of thigh to protect arm, posture up and wrap the toes.


Travis began his love for grappling and fitness more than ten years ago here in Southern California and has turned that passion into a career helping Mike steward this fine publication. He has been training jiu-jitsu since 2009 under John Munoz at C-quence JJ/MMA in Norco, CA.

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