5 Must Watch Jiu-Jitsu Videos

2) Pretty Much Every Stuart Cooper Film

If you haven’t seen Stuart Cooper’s work then you are seriously missing out! Stuart’s a freelance cinematographer that stumbled in the field due to a broken arm and foot during two separate occasions on his jiu-jitsu journey. Like the rest of us, Stuart immediately fell in love with the art, but when he suffered these injuries he was forced to sit back and watch. Stuart decided he needed to find a way to stay connected to jiu-jitsu during his injuries and though he had absolutely no background or skills in cinematography, he found his niche that would change his life. Constantly working with some of the best practitioners in the world today and those from the past, Stuart is able to draw from their life experiences both on and off the mats to give new perspective, displaying that the gentle art is certainly more than just points or submissions, but an intricate part of life that shapes and mold individuals profoundly and for the better.


1) Jiu-Jitsu Magazine’s Videos

Okay, so we’re a little biased here, but we also like our readers to be connected on a greater visual level and see just how the stars of today, as well as the past, execute their techniques, as well as share their philosophies. We’re not going to lie, our videos during the original issues weren’t the greatest, but we made progress over the years. However, if you check out our most recent technique videos featuring the likes of Nino Schembri, Yuri Simoes, Samir Chantre, Edwin Najmi, Luis Heredia, Felipe Pena, Matt Baker, Lucas Leite, and Pedro Sauer, you’ll see we’ve completely revamped our process and intend to bring great, high quality videos from the best and by the best. More are soon to come and we promise they’ll just keep getting better.

Which videos would you add to the list? Comment below with a link!

Travis began his love for grappling and fitness more than ten years ago here in Southern California and has turned that passion into a career helping Mike steward this fine publication. He has been training jiu-jitsu since 2009 under John Munoz at C-quence JJ/MMA in Norco, CA.

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