Lawmakers Look To Bring Jiu-Jitsu To Hawaii Schools

How’d you like to letter in jiu-jitsu as a high-schooler? Sounds cool huh. The Hawaii Tribune Herald reported recently that Hawaii State House Resolution 124 and a companion resolution were introduced recently asking the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii High School Athletic Association to look into the feasibility of sanctioning Brazilian jiu-jitsu as scholastic sport.

The initial response from the Hawaii DOE appears to be not so positive however. Written testimony from Superintendent of Education Kathryn Matayoshi sites a limited number of budgeted resources for athletics and that implementing a new sport statewide would “…require additional resources and personnel.”

Despite this fact it is a positive thing that the resolution passed a unanimous vote in the House Committee on Education and was unamended.

Part of the resolution states: “The overarching philosophy of Brazilian jiu-jitsu upholds the values of loyalty, integrity, humility, compassion, self-awareness, hard work, and physical fitness…”

We couldn’t agree more with the resolution and hope that it will continue to advance through the legislative process.

The entire article can be found here.

What do you think of jiu-jitsu becoming a high school sport? Leave your comments below.

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    I’m would like to start BJJ and I know it’s important that I find a good school. Can you please tell me what criteria I should use? Thanks.

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