Master Reverse Omoplata

There are those that simple practice jiu-jitsu and then there are those that create jiu-jitsu by taking it to the next level, displaying skill of the likes which has yet to be seen and gathering oohs and aahs from those onlooking. More than just a practitioner, Nino Schembri is a true artist. Not only is he the best when it comes to the omoplata, he’s so good at it that he does it in reverse. Yes, that’s right, he’ll finish you with a reverse omoplata! This my friends is the reason that within the jiu-jitsu community he has garnered the name “King of the Omoplata”. Well, that and he’s an avid Elvis Presley fan, who showed off his Elvis like dance moves on such occasions as when he won the Brazilian National Championships and World Championships twice!

We all know that to create a move in jiu-jitsu is big! It’s either named after that person or people immediately identify it with the individual. Rather than do it once however, Nino did it again by originating the gogoplata. Typically if you see this technique performed it’s in one fashion, but Nino let us in on a little secret…  there’s a bunch of versions! So on a sunny day in Lawndale, CA while at Nino’s school, we were offered a unique opportunity to see (and feel) the reverse omoplata and gogoplata in action from various setups and ways.

Here’s a teaser of what went down. So read, look and enjoy the innovativeness of the man jiu-jitsu crowned as a king. You can find more reverse omoplata set ups and the other various techniques (including a slew of gogoplatas) from Nino in our newest April edition, Issue 31 of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. Not only that, but you’ll also find more Yuri Simoes and his new Body X-Guard, news, product reviews, nutritional advice, conditioning programs, supplements information, and more! If you haven’t already be sure to get your subscription today at HERE (insert link: as we’ve bumped them from 10 to 12 issues per year, plus you’ll get the digital edition as part of your print subscription! Hurry now and save at the lower rate!


Reverse Omoplata Setup #1
The two previous techniques are tiny appetizers compared to this more effective move; however, Nino advises that if you initially go for the reverse omoplata to begin with, you have a greater chance of losing it. Nino sets up the movement by passing his opponent’s trapped arm from his right to his left leg. With his left knee on the ground, he lifts his foot up to secure the arm, while posting on his right leg. Once secured, he releases the underhook and grip of his opponent’s wrist, squares up his right leg with his left and shoulder rolls “away” from his opponent. In hopes of escaping, his opponent rolls with him; however, it won’t work out for him. The two land on their backs with Nino still having the arm trapped. This provides him leverage over his opponent, as he scoots his hips back and is able to sit up. This forces his opponent down. His left leg remains bent inward, tightly over the arm and then he folds his right leg back. Next, Nino hugs over his opponent’s chest and keeps his head from popping up, while posting his left hand to the side. From here, Nino needs to keep his opponent’s body flat the entire time and does so by dropping the weight of his torso over his opponent, while bringing his hips back, to execute the excruciating submission.

1. Pass the trapped arm to the opposite leg.


2. Post your far leg and shoulder roll away from your partner.


Tip: Always, always, always shoulder “roll away” from your opponent! If you roll toward him you run the chance of his arm getting free, him escaping and then possibly ending up on top.


Travis began his love for grappling and fitness more than ten years ago here in Southern California and has turned that passion into a career helping Mike steward this fine publication. He has been training jiu-jitsu since 2009 under John Munoz at C-quence JJ/MMA in Norco, CA.

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