Push Your Game Up

Push Your Game Up

Try Yoga

Hindu (or Yoga) push-ups are probably the best variation for overall body conditioning. Your entire body is engaged, so it’s a compound movement that targets all the major muscle groups, while also strengthening and toning the internal organs. They are said to increase lung power, and improve digestion and stamina.

1.    From the start of a traditional push-up position, walk your hands backwards until they are in front of you and your butt is up in the air. Position your legs wider apart than your hands.


2.    Bend your elbows, making your body come forward in a swooping motion so that your hips come down toward the floor while your chest moves upward. Do this by arching your spine and looking up to the ceiling, as you straighten your arms.


3.    While keeping your arms straight, move your hips back to get to the starting position and immediately start another rep.


Prescription: As a warm-up: 10-15 reps; as a workout: 3-4 sets of 10-25 reps


Take Up Judo

Many people believe that judo (AKA dive bomber) push-ups are the same as Hindu push-ups. They are similar to an extent; however, the return to the starting position is different with judo push-ups, which are performed in reverse instead of bringing the hips back to the starting position. By doing so it is almost a calisthenics version of a shoulder press, save for the handstand push-up.

1.    Follow steps 1 and 2 as performed in the Hindu push-ups.

2.    Reverse the entire position by bending your elbows a second time, pushing up and back with your arms.


Prescription: As a warm-up: 10-15 reps; as a workout: 3-4 sets of 10-25 reps


Tools You Can Use

These are just a few props that you can use to enhance your push-up routine. (photo for each)
• Bosu Ball
• Medicine Ball(s)
• Elevated Step


These are just a few variations of push-ups, but all can aid you in terms of improving strength, flexibility, your cardio, and more; which will all help your conditioning for jiu-jitsu. Give them a try. If you get strong enough, and move onto more difficult variations, like the planche, you may near Chuck Norris status, but then again, he doesn’t do push-ups, he pushes the world down.

Thanks to Kyle Nuby (our model), Nray Lavitrungsima and the crew at DNJ Fitness in Chino California for the use of their facility. www.dnjfitness.com and facebook.com/dnjfitness




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