Jiu-Jitsu Off The Mats: Self Defense With Pedro Sauer.

(Applicable to BJJ and self-defense)
This technique begins with Luis grabbing both sides of the collar with a very high grip. Immediately, Pedro drops down in base. He then grabs around Luis’ wrist with his right hand, wraps his left over his right and will keep the grip the entire time. Pivoting off his left foot, Pedro swings his right leg back so his left side is facing Luis. Continuing with the movement, he steps out with his left leg to bring Luis toward him and to place himself directly in front of him. With his hips now connected and underneath Luis’ hips and Luis’ elbow on his shoulder, Pedro leans forward slightly, while pulling downward on the wrist to break the arm.


1. Attacker/opponent grabs high near/on the collar


2. Grip and secure the wrist


3. Pivot off of foot until aligned sideways


4. Other foot steps out so you are facing away


5. Connect hips with your opponent/attacker


6. Slightly bend forward


7. Pull down on wrist to break



Travis began his love for grappling and fitness more than ten years ago here in Southern California and has turned that passion into a career helping Mike steward this fine publication. He has been training jiu-jitsu since 2009 under John Munoz at C-quence JJ/MMA in Norco, CA.
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