Going Commando!

Beyond the threshold…

When working with tactical teams, one thing that I have noticed is they all expressed that their worst fear is to enter an unknown room and be dragged to the floor. It wasn’t getting shot at that scared them, nor was it the fear of having to do any direct action against a violator. With so much emphasis on training for various types of missions, the grappling aspect always seemed to be the least focused on. Not anymore! There has been more of a push now for defensive tactics training than ever and rightfully so. The real world learning that has gone on during the last 10 years of major operations in the global war on terror has allowed our special operations units to assess and decide what they need more of. Learning from each other, military special ops units and civilian special ops units have been sharing information and cross training in order to give the operators the most well rounded perspective and greatest tools to bring to the fight; which in turn has brought BJJ to the forefront of defensive tactics programs in order to cross those unknown thresholds with confidence and the ability to literally handle the situation.




1. Violator is trying to ground and pound operator. The operator keeps his half guard and brings hands up to an anti-ground and pound posture.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]C02

2. After defending strikes and striking back the operator establishes a grip on the bicep and a grip on the knee of the violator, making sure to keep the knee of the top leg in the pectoral muscle area of the violator while using the bottom leg to control the other leg and keep pressure.[/double_paragraph] [/row]


3. Using the violator’s forward pressure, the operator uses his grips and legs to pull the violator slightly forward. Opening the knee towards the bicep grip side the violator is off balanced.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]C04

4. As the violator is off balanced to the side the operator rolls to his hip while disappearing from under the violator in order to dump the violator to the ground.[/double_paragraph] [/row]


5. As the violator is swept and dumped to his back the operator quickly uses the momentum and time to roll on top of the violator.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]C06

6. While controlling the knee and bicep still and planting a foot for a good base the operator pins the violator to the floor.[/double_paragraph] [/row]


7. Immediately follow this action with the modified knee on belly position.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]C08

8. When possible the operator disengages and gets distance to transition to a weapon system. (Alternate option: Stay engaged and go directly to a handcuffing situation).[/double_paragraph] [/row]



Bret Perchaluk works for a government agency working with operators from various agencies and departments both in the field and in the mat room. He holds a black belt in judo, brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, completed SWAT selection, completed the Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, participated in CQB training, and has experience in Task Force field operations. He currently trains under Ryan Hall at Fifty50 BJJ, as well as learning Gorilla JJ from friend John Simmons. His website mixedmartialworld.com covers positive topics in the martial arts community.

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