X-Guard To Technical Stand Up Sweep
Tony is in Thiago’s 93 Guard (aka half guard with a knee shield) and looking to pass, but the knee shield keeps him from doing so. With his left hand in the collar and his right hand securing Tony’s left wrist, he can better manipulate Tony, as well as block a crossface attempt. From here, Thiago weaves his left foot inside and between himself and Tony, so that he is now in a combination half-butterfly guard. Keeping his knee shield high, Thiago pulls across and down with his left hand, and pushes across and up with his right hand, while simultaneously moving his hips aggressively toward his right. Thiago uses his right leg to elevate Tony from underneath his rear end, which forces Tony to his right, and to straighten his left leg and become off balance. It also allows Thiago to insert his left foot into the back of Tony’s knee, as well as bring his right leg out and around, so he may position his foot on Tony’s hip. With Tony’s left leg exposed, Thiago reaches underneath and around it, putting it over his shoulder and hugging it. Now, Thiago weaves his right foot from Tony’s hip to under his hamstring to transition to X-Guard. Extending his legs forward and posting up on his left hand, Thiago drives Tony backward, compromising his base even more. He then brings his right leg back, posting his foot to the mat, and uses it and his left hand so he can bring his left leg back to execute a technical stand up. Upon doing so, he drives forward, which causes Tony to fall to the mat, and the sweep is completed.

1. Start from 93 Guard and transition to half-butterfly guard.



2. Hip to the side and swim foot out and onto the hip.




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