The Magazine

Nov/Dec 2018 Issue 62

Making Jiu-Jitsu in America – The Origin Story
Catching Pain With Erik Paulson
Brian Glick Shows You How to Climb the Ladder
The Injury Paradox – To Train or Not to Train
The Consequences of Joint Locks
Is Keto the Key to Diet Success?
And Much More!

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Sept/Oct. 2018 Issue 61

And New… Sweeps & Finishes With New World Champ Mahamed Aly
Techniques From Keith Owen
When You’re the Baddest Dude on the Mats
Listen Up! – Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts
Rib Injuries
How Body Type Affects Your Jiu-Jitsu
And Much More!

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May/Jun 2018 Issue 60

The Reign of King Gordon Ryan
Sweep the Leg w/Garry St. Leger
Meet Devhonte “Bones” Johnson
Saunas – Get In the Hot Box
Opening the Hips w/Keta Meggett
When to Tap – The Breakage Breakdown
3D Jiu-Jitsu
Switching Academies
And Much More!

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Mar/Apr 2018 Issue 59

Mikey [Musumeci] Likes It! Sick Techniques From Mikey
Straight From the Master. De La Riva Teaches De La Riva Guard
Gauging Space in Jiu-Jitsu
Dealing With Bone Fractures
Can Big Arms improve Your Jiu-Jitsu
What to Eat Before You Compete
Do’s and Dont’s of Takedowns
Core Training Tips
And Much More!

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Jan/Feb 2018 Issue 58

Go With the Flo with Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian
Dominique Bell Trains Us to Be Tarantulas
Getting Into A Flow State
Eliminate Lower Back Pain
Solving the White Belt Delemma
Row Man Row!
No-Gi Worlds Coverage
Cauliflower – Secret Superfood?
Ask A Black Belt
And Much More!

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Nov/Dec 2017 Issue 57

The Master Rickson Gracie Challenges Modern Jiu-Jitsu
Off With The Head With Josh Hinger’s “Hingertine”
Cris Cyborg Is Back!
When Pain Is Good and Not So Good
Busting Plateaus
When Good Carbs Go Bad
What to do the Week Before Your Match
2017 Grappler’s Gift Guide
Building Jiu-Jitsu Power
And Much More!

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Sept/Oct. 2017 Issue 56

Marcio Andre – On The Right Path To Victory
No-Gi with Rodrigo Freitas
King Maker – John Danaher
What You Must Know Before Visiting a New School
Moving Up? Gaining Weight the Right Way
Train for Explosiveness
Grappling Drills With a Dummy
White Belts Biggest Challenges
Diet Q&A
Five Jiu-Jitsu Recovery Supplements
Medic – Ask The Doctor

All this and much more!

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Issue 55 Jul/Aug 2017

The Prodigy himself, BJ Penn talks about all things Jiu-Jitsu
Multi-Time World Champion Leandro Lo helps us Discover De La Riva
No-Gi Training with AJ Agazarm
Training for Rotational Strength
Supplemental Learning
Why you should try L-Carnitine
IBJJF Worlds Coverage
Who Is: Ryan Drexler
Do’s and Don’ts: Overcoming the fear of failure
Mind Games: 12 Tips on Improving your Mental Game
Whole Body Cryotherapy
And Much More!

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Issue 54 May/June 2017

Olympian Travis Stevens goes over his grip techniques, Eve Torres Gracie, Future Star Isaque Bahiense goes from takedown to finish, Kombucha, Meal Replacement Bars, CrossFit for BJJ, Warm-Up Drills and More!







Issue 53 March/April 2017

Our most discipline issue ever! Jocko Willink shares his simple formula for success in an endeavor along with some techniques that might come in handy some day. Also in this issue:

Spider Guard Mastery with Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano
Behind the Scenes at Onnit HQ
Jiu-Jitsu Etiquette
The Do’s and Don’ts of Competition Prep
Who Is – Maynard James Keenan
No-Gi Finishes with Vinny Magalhaes
Grub – Sugar or Substitutes?
Supplements – CoQ10
Common Medications to Avoid When Training
The Five Best Exercises for a Better Guard
Finding Your Focus to Stay the Course

All this and much more!

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Issue 52 Jan/Feb 2017

Team Storm storms the pages of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. The entire team has some tips and advice to share. Especially Renato Laranja! Meanwhile, learn how Tarsis Humphrys is going BIG! Also covered in this issue:

• Secret to Rolling Forever?
• Eat Your Vitamins
• Back Takes with Ian Sanders
• The Psychology of Healthy Eating
• Sweeps With Rodrigo Teixeira
• Grips and Hips With Mike Saffaie

All this and more!

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Issue 51 December 2016

Magid Hage graces the cover and talks life, jiu-jitsu and shares his famous baseball choke along with a few other techniques. Also covered in this issue.

• Anderson Silva Goes NoGi
• 6 Super Recovery Foods That You Must Eat
• How to Relax More
• Holiday Gift Ideas
• NoGi Worlds and US Open Coverage
• What Ails You

All this and more!

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Issue 50 November 2016

We celebrate our 50th Issue and still killing it with Lucas “The Hulk” Barbosa. In this issue he will show you how to Hulk Smash Pass. Also covered in this issue.

• How to Cut Weight the Right Way
• 15 Things White Belts Learn
• The Science Behind Why We Choke
• 6 Super Veggies to Add to Your Diet
• Open Guard Techniques You’ll Love With Rodrigo Frietas
• Who Is? Rodrigo Teixeira
• Water Ball Training For Grapplers

All this and more!

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Issue 49 October 2016

Anderson “The Spider” Silva shows off some of his favorite techniques in the gi!
Jon Satava says there’s no escaping his X-Guard, he shows you why.
Every cooking technique you need to know
Power up your grappling with Omegas
A Beginner’s guide to leg locks
What’s in the Bag? A jiu-jitsu medic’s essentials
Build a stronger neck
Who Is? Travis Stevens
White Belt Chronicles – Why you need a nemesis
All this and more!

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Issue 48 September 2016

This issue killed it! Joao Gabriel Rocha, if you don’t know who he is yet you will very soon. If anyone is going to dethrone Buchecha any time soon Joao is the one. He discusses many great techniques you can use today along with his battle with cancer, yeah – Cancer!
Also in this issue Submission Wrestling moves with none other than Garry Tonon!

Also in this issue:
All about Acai
Getting the most from your Adrenal System
The Tablemaker Warm-Up
Who Is: Jessica Oliveira
Gear Lab: Flow Kimonos Pro Series Gi
How-To: Advice for New Referees
The Ultimate Guide to Preventing and Treating Knee Injuries (Must Read!)
Gains: Bulletproof your Shoulders
Success and More!

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Issue 47 August 2016

Sometimes Rafa Mendes makes it look easy, we call that the Art of Winning. In this issue, Rafa discusses what it takes to become one of the greatest competitors of all time. He also shares with us many of his dynamic techniques.
Also in this issue:
Lapel Chokes with Keith Owen
Mount Vocabulary
Why every grappler should drink coffee
Essential Oils, more than just BS?
The 90/90 Hips Switch Warm-Up
Medic – Hip Pains and Pulled Groins
Gains – Lift Jitsu
Mind Games – Why people quit
Event Coverage – BJJ Tour Connecticut and Nordic Naturals All-Star
Who Is? Fabio Gurgel
The Life – Oss!

All that and much more!

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Issue 46 July 2016

After a hiatus from the jiu-jitsu world due to an injury, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida returns to take back his crown. Not only are we mat side for his triumphant return but he also shows us some techniques he used in his matches.
Also in this issue:
Geo Martinez No-Gi Flow
Who is Bong Abad
The Rise of Invitational
Tips for Wrestlers in Jiu-Jitsu
Event coverage of the 2016 IBJJF World Championships
Going Bananas for Bananas
Warm Up – Wrestling Sprawls
Medic – A Grapplers Guide to Anti-Inflammatories
This and much more!

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Issue 45 June 2016

After winning EBI6 Gordon Ryan is ready to take on the world, but first he’s going to show us some techniques off one of his favorite positions, the back triangle!
Also in this issue:
Buchecha on coming back from a major injury
Grapplers’ Guide to Fish
Side Control Vocabulary
The ABCs of the Armbar with Marcos Tinoco
Tested: Batboy Stealth Combat Bag, Flow Kimonos Hemp Belt
Event Coverage: Abu Dhabi World Pro, BJJ Tour California, 2016 American Cup
Jiu-Jitsu Traveler’s Guide to San Diego
Warm-Up: Kneeling Thoracic Rotations
Gains: Kettle-Jitsu – Incorporating the Turkish Get-Up, Your Gi as Your Gym
Medic – All About Chokes
This and much more!

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Issue 44 May 2016

This is it, the one you’ve been asking for Rener and Ryron Gracie discuss jiu-jitsu the way their grandfather, Grand Master Helio Gracie intended it. Lots of techniques from the brothers that anyone can add to their game immediately!

Along with that great article and interview we’ve got:
• Jeff Glover shows us Submissions from Bad Positions
• Getting a Visa to Compete or Train in the United States
• The most important vitamin every grappler needs
• How our minds learn Jiu-JItsu
• The incredible Egg
• The World’s Greatest Stretch
• TESTED: Scramble Standard Issue Gi, Venom PTS
• Zen and Art of Grappling Grips
• 2016 IBJJF Pans coverage
• Athletic Ailments we all get and how to deal with them
• Movement Training for Jiu-Jitsu

And much more!

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Issue 43 April 2016

Leandro Lo shows us five of his favorite techniques that have made him into one of the world’s best jiu-jitsu competitors. Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa shows the butterfly guard. Matt Baker uses Trujitsu to control and submit his opponents.

Also in this issue:
Concepts in Jiu-jitsu
Supplements: Curcumin
Grub: Lean Mean Salad Greens
Spotlight: Sophia Drysdale Goes Down Under
The Life: Inside Training Camp
Medic: Grappling with Joint Longevity
Warm-Up: Wrist and Hands
How-to: Opening Your Own School
All this and much more!

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Issue 42 March 2016

Double Gold World Champ Bernardo Faria shows some of his high percentage techniques. Master Claudio Franca gives a lesson in self-defense. Milton Bastos shows us some ways to take and attack the back.

Also in this issue:
Nutritional Needs of Jiu-Jitsu Athletes
5 Post Training Essentials
Spotlight: Nick “The Tooth”
Warm-Up: Ankle Stretches
How-To: Becoming a Social Media Black Belt
Reviewed: Hypnotik – Bearimbolo Gi
Medic: Tendon and Muscle Injuries
Gains: Sprinting and how it can change your jiu-jitsu
All this and much more!

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Issue 41 February 2016

Eduardo Telles shows how to attack from the Turtle Guard! Sergio Machado goes over a series of defensive techniques that will help get you out of a tough spot.

Also in this issue:
Gotham’s Finest Grapplers
Eddie Bravo Invitational 5
Guardapedia: Expanding Your Vocabulary
Grub: Whole Food or Liquid
Warm-Up: Hamstring Stretches
Medic: Dangers of Weight Cutting
How-To: Breathe and Exhale
Gains: 10 Strength and Conditioning Mistakes You Might Be Making
All this and much more!

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Issue 40 January 2016

We met up with Rhalan Gracie and discuss challenges faced off the mat along with some useful techniques for all levels. Olympian Judoka Marti Mallow tossed us around in order to show us some of her amazing takedowns.

Also in this issue;
Ideas to Improve Officiating
How-To Guide on Belt Tying
Mind Games: To Compete or Not to Compete
Grub: A Knock Out Breakfast
Medic: The Importance of Sleep
The Life: Grapplers’ Apps
Reviewed: Storm Kimonos: Typhoon Ultra Lite Gi
Gains: Strengthen Your Weak Spots
All this and much more!

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Issue 39 December 2015

Clark Gracie goes over the Kimura Grip Control with a ton of finishes you can use right away.
Alberto Crane shows us how to master the Crucifix.

Also in this issue;
When jiu-jitsu and metal meet
IBJJF No Gi Worlds
BJJ Tour US Open XX
Reviewed: Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi
How-To: Finger Taping
Mind Games: Putting Your Mind in Gear
Success: Brian Richards
Grub: The Secrets of Portion Control
Warm-Up: The Glute Bridge
Medic: Avoiding and dealing with MRSA
Gains: Building a Strong Neck

All this and much more!

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Issue 38 November 2015

You’re going to love this one! Passes, Submissions, and Wristlocks!
Otavio Sousa is one of the best passers in the game, he gives us a look at some of his favorite passes along with some surprising finishes.
Pete The Greek is a master of wrist locks, you’ll be amazed at from how many positions he can make you cry.

Also in this issue:
• Why do so many people quit jiu-jitsu when they receive their blue belts?
• How to incorporate more root veggies into your diet
• Which supplements can help you knock out stress
• Chris Haueter and the Combat Base
• What other types of physical activities can improve your jiu-jitsu?
• Reviews of the Manto Victory BJJ Gi and Defense Soap Equipment Spray
• IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Pan Ams Coverage
• Ask the Doctor Q&A
• Bruising in jiu-jitsu, when it’s normal or something more serious
• The benefits of Beach Training
• 5 Tips on being a Success

All this and much more!

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Issue 37 October 2015

Our most dangerous issue yet! Garry Tonon shows us how to lock up anyone’s legs. He goes over heel hooks and toe holds in great detail!
Abraham “The God of War” Marte explores a big man’s closed guard game that anyone can do.
Grub – Nut Butters
Supplement Q&A
Event Coverage – EBI 4
What have video games taught us about martial arts?
White Belt Questions
Marcelo Cohen’s Kids Program
Guide to Buying a Rash Guard
Gear Lab Reviews:
Tatami Tank Gi
Zebra Warm Up Mat
Jiu-Jitsu Lab Sitting Guard App
Event Coverage – BJJ Tour Texas
Event Coverage – ADCC
Mind Games – Focus on Focus
Gains – Building jiu-jitsu power with the squat

All this and much, much more!

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Issue 36 September 2015

We spend the day with the one-and-only Mackenzie Dern while she shows us her favorite Koala Guard techniques
Discovering the Brazilian Necktie Choke
White Belt Problems: Pass or Don’t Pass?
Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, Soy Milk, Milk Milk, What’s Best?
Supplements – Plant Based Protein
Luiz Panza’s Road To Recovery
Polaris Pro 2 Breakdown
Spotlight – Brian Morizi
Building Jiu-Jitsu Toughness
18 Essentials Every Grappler Should Have
Hayabusa Shinju 2 Gi Tested
JitsGrips Tested
VK Groundwork Project Gi Tested
Mindful Meditation
Fighting Foot Fungus
Developing Speed, Power, and Agility With Plyometrics
Kids World Championships

All this and more!

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Issue 35 August 2015

Featuring Andre Galvao and his closed guard techniques
Knee Slices with Leticia Ribeiro
Mastering Weekly Meal Prep
Supplements – Animal-Based Protein
Training Aids for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
The Fingers of a Grappler
Gear Lab Reviews: FLUXK Toiler Gi, ORIGIN Combat Clubs
How to Utilize Competition Footage
Correcting White Belt Mistakes
Mind Games – No Excuses!
Medic- Classic Vs Sports Hernia
Gains- Agility for Jiu-Jitsu
Success – Bullied No Longer

All this and more!

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Issue 34 July 2015

Featuring Eddie Bravo and his terrifying Electric Chair sweep and submissions
X-Guard with Thiago Sa
Grub-Cruciferous Veggies
Supplements – Mineral Miracles
Partner Warm-Up Drills Part 2
Getting Grips, Gi or No-Gi
Gear Lab Reviews: Senso Sweep Gi, Battle Balm, GRIPS Athletics Cyborg Gi
2015 IBJJF Worlds Coverage
The Advantages of Advantages
Mind Games – The RPG Training Model
Ask The Doctor
Medic- PRP Therapy
Gains- Bulgarian Bag Training for Grapplers
Success – Manny Pedroza

All this and more!

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Issue 33 June 2015

This is one of our hottest issues to date! Subscribe for a print version and receive our digital version available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for absolutely free!

Cover Feature:
Direct coverage from the 2015 UAEJJF World Professional Championships in Abu Dhabi! Our Editor-In-Chief provides 11 pages of an inside look from the event!

Technique, technique, technique:
The original JJM (Jean Jacques Machado) shows you how to get the turtle to stick its head out of its shell and finish!
Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros demonstrates how to finish from anywhere with the toe hold!
“The Warmaster” Josh Barnett is back with more hand control, to shut down the guard and pass!

Life – PPV Wars, The American Cup, and Grassroots Grappling
Gear – Falcon Brand Gi and Gameness JJ Specific Backpack
Fuel – How To Smoothie and HICA
Body – Partner Up For Power, Passing Exercises, and What’s The Deal With Sweat
Mind – Your Instincts May Be Getting The Best Of You and The Incredible Shrinking Man

All this and much more!

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Issue 32 May 2015

We’re fresh off of our first issue since increasing from 10 to 12 issues per year to give you more awesome content for the same great price! Subscribe immediately to get the current rates for a one or two-year subscription while you still can and we’ll throw in our digital version available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for absolutely free!

Cover Feature:
Catch-as-catch-can stand out, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Metamoris Heavyweight Champion, jiu-jitsu black belt, and certified badass, Josh Barnett shows you how to control the opposition!

More Technique:
Another former UFC Champion and World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, the legend Murilo Bustamante puts the pressure on and brings the pain!

Spotlight – Rising star Isaac Doederlein has gained the confidence to go with his already stellar game and the results are scary!
Life – The 2015 IBJJF Pans: What Happened And Who Reigned Supreme, Proper Parenting Advice, There’s A Right Way To Track Progress And Set Goals
Fuel – The Power Of Herbs, Make Every Z Count
Body – Do You PNF?, The Top 3 Core Moves You Should Know, Understanding And Treating Wrist/Hand Injuries
Mind – Pacifism In BJJ, Dropping Stones

All this and much more!

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Issue 31 April 2015

IT’S TIME! Jiu-Jitsu Magazine has officially been bumped up from 10 issues per year to monthly! Subscribe immediately to get the current rates for a one or two-year subscription while you still can!

Cover Feature:
Need a bodyguard to prevent others from passing your guard? 2014 No-Gi World Champ Yuri Simoes shows you how with his new Body X-Guard!

More Technique:
The king is in the building! Nino Schembri is going to show you how to rock n’ roll the opposition with omoplata variations and gogoplatas galore!

Life – Rigan Machado: Trainer To The Stars and Game Changer, Does Size Matter? Part 2, tons of news and other cool stuff.
Gear Lab – Submission FC Bamboo Frenzy Gi.
Grub – The Power of Purple, Whole Foods and Supplements Battle It Out.
Body – Pull-up for Power, Extreme Battle Rope Training, Are You Strong Of Heart?
Mind – It’s about time you got ugly… with your drilling!
Success – Holy Transformation Batman!

All this and much more!

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Issue 30 Feb/Mar 2015

Cover Feature:
Yippee Ki Yay! Samir Chantre shows you how to get the better of the opposition with the lasso guard.

Edwin Najmi isn’t stingy with his frequent flyer miles, as he breaks down how to execute the flying triangle.
Wrestling, Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu for the takedown? Why not all three, courtesy of Luis “Limao” Heredia.

LifeSize Matters Not… Or Does It?, Gender Roles In Jiu-Jitsu, Red Carpet Treatment At Studio 540.
Gear Lab – Gameness EL!TE Gi, SISU Max Guard 2.4, DVDs: Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu, The Faria Guard, The K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System.
Spotlight – Ben Saunders.
Grub – Healthier snacks that will fix you up better than a Snickers.
Body – The Power of the Plank, Sledgehammer Swings, Rest and Recovery.
Success – Never Out Of The Fight!

All this and much more!

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Issue 29 January 2015

Happy New Year! We’re starting off 2015 with even more amazing content in our magazine, as well as our newly revamped website! In this issue you’ll find all of the following and more!

Cover Feature:
In just his first year as a black belt, Felipe Pena has won a 2014 IBJJF World Championship and took back to back tournament wins in the prestigious Copa Podio! “Preguiça” breaks down some of his spectacular arsenal for us!

Matt Baker shows us how to take the back from anywhere!

Life – Make 2015 your best year ever, Spotlight: Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, learn the intangibles, why a belt is not a gift, event coverage: BJJ Tours US Open and FIVE Grapplings NAIC, as well as tons of news!
Gear Lab – FUJI Sports Suparatio gi.
Grub – An apple a day…, get lean with supplements.
Body – Power up with push ups, the importance of posture, ask the doctor, how to build cardio for BJJ, fitness studies.
Mind – How’s your arithmetic?
Success – From couch potato to stud muffin.

All this and much more!

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Issue 28 December 2014

Oops, we did it again! We’ve tied the number of pages with our biggest issue ever!

Cover Feature:
So you think you know half guard? Well, one of it’s greatest practitioners of it and multiple time World Champion, Lucas Leite, is going to show you how to master it.

Master Pedro Sauer shows you how to defend yourself and strike back, both on and off the mats.
Henry Akins teaches us how that it’s all about CONNECTION.

Life – White belts are people too, Terere’s Social Project, BJJ Tour Florida and IBJJF Master’s Worlds coverage.
Gear Lab – Manto Vai Finaliza! gi, GRIPS Gi Sack and why you needed a mouth guard yesterday!
Grub – How to submit food with the proper techni-heat and interview with Ottavia Bourdain.
Body – Loosen up your quads, kettlebells to improve grappling, dealing with hip pain, and understanding your HR.
Success – Jiu-jitsu saves lives!

All this and much more!

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Issue 27 Oct/Nov 2014

The issue we’ve all been waiting for!
Cover Feature: He said, “I’ll be back!”, and he is. Roger Gracie returns to show you how his traditional game is so effective against the opposition.

Garry Lee Tonon proves that you’re never safe from him regardless of position.
Mike Diaz shows how to surprise your opponent from side control.

Life – Who is Raul Montolfo?
Gear Lab Review – Ultimate Nutrition CarneBOLIC, Maeda Conde Koma Gi, Tape Armor, 93 Brand Citizen Fight Shorts.
Mind Games – 10 tips to be a better coach.
Grub – Carbo-loading the right way!
Supplements – Q&A with Jeremy Reid.
Body – Build a vice-like grip, diaphragmatic breathing, recognizing knee injuries.

All this and much more!

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Issue 26 September 2014

The issue we’ve all been waiting for!
Cover Feature: Rickson Gracie, he talks about his new federation, daily life, his health, and so much more.

Lucas Lepri – World Champion goes over 7 great techniques.
Felipe Costa works the 50/50 guard like a pro

Owning the Dream – small business success in jiu-jitsu
Gear Lab Review – Storm F-Lite Gi, Combat X Trainer, Beyond Technique DVD
Keeping a Jiu-Jitsu Journal
Grub- The meat eater’s guide to steak
Supplements- Caffeine
Warm-Up – Engaging your Neck
Intermittent Fasting Demystified
Being Efficient with your Workouts

All this and much more!

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Issue 25 August 2014

What a great issue!

Passes and finishes with Braulio Estima
Footlocks and more with Victor Estima
Closed Guard magic with Stephen “Pesadelo” Hall
Back Escapes with Allen Hopkins

Grub: Measure your next recipe right
Supplements: What’s on the banned list?
Warm-Up: Increasing Mobility
Gear Lab; Rockin’ Green Athletic Detergent, Kettle-Jitsu Revolution DVD
Mind Games: Student Teaching
Strength and Condition: Band training for jiu-jitsu
Spotlight: Tales from the Worlds

2014 IBJJF Worlds
Cover Feature: The Brothers Estima
Gear Lab Feature – The Tools You Need

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Issue 24 June/July 2014

We had to do it, our biggest issue EVER! 132 jam-packed pages of jiu-jitsu goodness.

On the cover – The inventor of guards – Keenan Cornelius!
Keenan shows us his new Kneebar guard and Lapel Guard.
Nic Gregoriades demonstrates jiu-jitsu concepts.
Jeff Glover shows us how to improve our top game with the help of a stability ball.
De La Riva Guard from Ricardo De la Riva himself!
Building strength in your hips.
Pack on muscle with the oldest trick in the book
Dealing with finger injuries
Hungry? How about some Chicken Berimboiled?
The importance of self-evaluation in your jiu-jitsu game
More jiu-jitsu definitions
Getting to know Abraham Marte

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Issue 23 May 2014

We go behind the scenes with Andre Galvao at Atos Jiu-JItsu and see what makes them win!

Passing class with Joao Assis
All kinds of great technique with Andre Galvao
Working the Great White Grip with Kit Dale

Grub: Blanching Green Veggies
Supplements: Stronger Bones
Warm-Up: Ball work with Jeff Glover
The Life: Competition
Mind Games: Organizing your Training
Medic: Elbow Injuries Revisited
Strength and Condition: Strongman Training for jiu-jitsu
Gear Lab: Grips Secret Weapon 2.0, Jimmy Pedro’s Takedown Blueprint 2.0 DVD

Up and Coming Purple Belts
IBJJF Pan-Ams Coverage
Metamoris 3 Coverage

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Issue 22 April 2014

Nobody locks a leg like Dean Lister, and he’s going to show you how!

Leg Logs (knee bars) with Dean Lister
Your Guide to the Williams Guard with Sean Williams

Grub: Keeping your diet on track
Supplements: The ABC’s of BCAA’s
The Life: Drill Baby, Drill
Warm-Up: 4 Dynamic Warm-ups
Spotlight: Victor Estima
Strength and Condition: MEBB
Medic: Dangers of the Heel Hook and Doctor Q&A

Pre-Match Interviews with Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo
How-To Take better jiu-jitsu photos
Train like a Brazilian
FIVE California1 Event Coverage

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Issue 21 Feb/Mar 2014

Working Open Guard with Michael Langhi
Judo Takedowns with Renan Vital
Open Guard to Back Drills with Galvao

Grub: All about Berries
Supplements: The truth behind TRT
The Life: Train Tired
Warm-Up: Yoga Belt Stretches
Spotlight: Todd Williams
Mind Games: Fighting Anxiety
Strength and Condition: Better balance for jiu-jitsu
Medic: Doctor Q&A
Gear Lab: CTRL Desert Sun Gi, Grips Duffel Backpack, Defense Soap Wipes, Matt Baker Sitting Guard DVD

Making Mindmaps
SJJIF Worlds Coverage

The perfect add on to your already growing collection of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.

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Issue 20 January 2014

Our 20th Issue!

Twenty Techniques You Need to Know!
Closed Guard Magic with James Puopolo
Getting To The Back with Rafael Dallinha
World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Coverage
Understanding Calories
Reverse Berimbolo Drills with Andre Galvao
8 Tips Every Blue Belt Should Know
BJJ Animals – Which Are You?
Mind Games: How-To Learn
Medic: Doctor Q&A
Strength and Condition: The Turkish Get Up
Tested: Grips Armandura Rashguard, Tatami Estilo 4.0

All this and much more!

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Issue 19 December 2013

Your game has nowhere to go but up after reading this great issue!

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu goes over his game including the Tornado Guard
Henry Akins shows you how to use your weight like never before
9 Great Escapes with Joe Camacho
Gracie Celebrated – Helio 100
Getting on the Juice!
Stretch using your belt
Making the right decisions
Learn how to teach
Fuji Sekai Gi reviewed
Trail Blazers – Outsiders who made Brazil home
Senior and Masters Worlds
And Much, Much More!

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Issue 18 Oct/Nov 2013

Another stunning issue! 124 pages packed with nothing but jiu-jitsu!
Take Downs with Cobrinha
De La Riva Sweeps with Queixinho
Breaking Down The Armbar
A Parent’s Guide to Jiu-Jitsu
Eating On The Go
Brain Supplements Uncovered
Why We Get Hurt
The Graphic Art of Jiu-Jitsu
Get 20% Better in 30 Days
Spotlight: John Crouch

All that and a whole lot more.

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Issue 17 September 2013

Another great issue is bursting at the seams with jiu-jitsu goodness!

JT Torres sheds light on things while showing us how to take the back and finish
Yuri Simoes gets crazy with the leg locks
Can jiu-jitsu become an Olympic sport?
Behind the numbers – Metamoris style
Going Commando – How Special Ops Use BJJ
Grub – Paleo Explained
Spotlight – Roberto Tussa Alencar
Medic – Shoulder Separations
Strength and Conditioning – Deadlifts
Mind Games – 10 Keys to Mental Strength
Gear Lab – Compression Gear
BJJ on the Road- London Calling!

This and much, much more!

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Issue 16 August 2013

This really is our biggest issue ever, at least for now. 120 Pages of Jiu-Jitsu goodness.

American Legend – Rafael Lovato Jr shows us his Pressure Passing System
Aggressive Spider Guard with Abmar Barbosa
NoGi combinations with Dennis Asche
IFBJJ Worlds Coverage
Metamoris II Coverage
Grub: Super Drinks
Supplements: Fish Oil
Spotlight: Rules Controversy
Who Is? Brett Collins
Medic: Topical Pain Relievers
Warm-Up: Stretching
Strength and Condition: Sandbag Training

All this and so much more!

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Issue 15 Jun/Jul 2013

How could anyone argue that this isn’t our best looking cover ever? The incredibly photogenic Clark Gracie shows us eight ridiculously good looking BJJ techniques and so much more.

Also in this issue:
The art of the takedown with Kenny Johnson
Leg Hook Guard with Joe Camacho
Finger Taping with Andre Galvao
Grub: 15 Superfoods
Supplements: Stacks that work
Who Is: Meerkatsu
Spotlight: Marcos Torregrosa
Medic: Using Kinesio Tape
Getting Stronger with Suspension Training
Mind Games: The art of war and BJJ
Picking the Right Kettlebell
How-To Get Sponsored
And much, much more!!!

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Issue 14 May 2013

An absolutely perfect issue thanks to Marcus Almeida Buchecha, the current Pan Am and World Absolute Champion. He shows us plenty of great sweeps and a few finishes.

Also in this issue:
Triangle Choke Break Down with Sean Roberts
Leg Drag Drills with Andre Galvao
Best practices for eating right
Three Supplements For Three Power Systems
Who is Scott Nelson?
10 Tips for Success at your first Tournament
Gear Lab Review: Ronin Brand Samurai Gi
Spotlight: Dermaine Gutierrez
Inside Origin’s Mountain Retreat
The Power of Jiu-Jitsu Social Projects
2013 IBJJF Pan-Ams
Do It Yourself Diagnosis
Strength And Conditioning: Road Work for Jiu-Jitsu (cardio)
Success – Cristobal Hernandez

All this and more believe it or not!

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Issue 13 April 2013

Lucky #13 is our April issue, go figure. Our first single month issue!

The Art of Mendes Jiu-JItsu, Berimbolo, Leg Drags, and more
Attacks from Side Control with Ronis Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu for Law Enforcement
Mat Culture in Brazil
Demian Maia, his trust in jiu-jitsu in the UFC
Quad Stretches
Yoga and Jiu-Jitsu
Building Strength with Squats
Jiu-Jitsu Fighting And The Glycemic Index
Drug Testing and Jiu-Jitsu
Who Is: Jim Lawson
Spotlight: Magid Hage
What to look for in a Gi

All this and much, much more!

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Issue 12 Feb/Mar ’13

You’ve heard it before, but this really could be our best issue yet!

Ronda Rousey takes us down with some Judo and tips on the arm bar
Black Belt Javier “Showtime” Vazquez keeps us aware of the punch
Kevin Howell utilizes the reverse hip escape like you’ve never seen
Jeff Glover breaks down the D’Arce
In his world exclusive interview 27-time Mundial Champion Renato Laranja tells all
Dietary Protein
Do you need a multi-vitamin?
Spotlight: Kristina Barlaan
Gustavo Dantas helps you find victory
Medic: Age and Injuries
Myofascial Release
Brothers in Arms

And Much, Much More!!!

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Issue 11 Dec/Jan 2013

Just in the time for the new year our #1 resolution is to continue killing it!

Tough as nails, Caio Terra shows you how to escape and submit from the back.
Luta Livre No-Gi Chokes
Attacking the Turtle
What to Eat Before You Compete
Are Dr. Oz’s Recommendations Good For You?
Acrobatic Drills with Andre Galvao
Build Your Grip Strength
Spotlight: Henry Akins
How to Deal With Different Injuries
Jiu-Jitsu By the Numbers
The Legal Aspects of BJJ in Practice
Cyborg’s Travels
Tons of Coverage from Metamoris Pro

And so much more! Get this issue now!

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Issue 10 Oct/Nov 2012

Drop In On Marcelo Garcia in NYC

Are you hydrated?
Flying Attacks From Jef Glover
Which Fighters Revolutionized Jiu-Jitsu?
Half-Guard w/Fabio Leopaldo
Fresh Tech. From Brazil
Yuri Simoes Showcases the Omoplata

So much more.






Issue 9 Aug/Sep 2012

Could be the best one yet.

Passing guard with Rodolfo Vieira
Counterstrike with Master Pedro Sauer
Break Down: Knee Bars
Guide to Kids BJJ
Warm up your Upper Back
Four popular diets examined
Protein in depth
Spotlight: Ali Monfardi
Medi: Dealing with neck injuries
Unleash your inner beast with Interval Training
IBJJF Worlds in Photos
Jiu-Jitsu Defined

And much, much more…

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Issue 8 Jun/Jul 2012

Another great issue, our best yet in fact!

In this issue:
Collar and Lapel Chokes with Kayron Gracie
Cross Guard with Gustavo Dantas
Leveraged Techniques with Penny Thomas
The Russian Tie with Kenny Johnson
Andre Galvao shows us how to drill the “windshield wiper”
Nicolas Gregoriades goes over the Basic Skills Every BJJ Fighter Should Have
Planning a Trip to Rio
The Top Gracie Family Icons
Spotlight on Hannette Staack
Supplements for Those Over 40
Medic: Anatomy 101
Strength and Conditioning: Rebel Yoga
How To Psych Out the Competition

And as always, much, much more!

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Issue 7 Apr/May 2012

Our biggest issue yet! 116 packed pages!

In This Issue:
Mastering the Mount with Xande Ribeiro
Discovering the Twister with Eddie Bravo
Stuffing the Take Down with Kenny Johnson
Dieting to Make Weight
Making Weight at the Last Minute
Warm-Up Those Shoulders
Joint Supplements You Need
BJJ in Dallas
Spotlight on Joel Tudor
Dealing with Elbow Injuries
Lots of Products Tested

All this and much more!

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Issue 6 Feb/Mar 2012

This is a good one, our best yet!

In This Issue:
Deep Half Guard with Jeff Glover
Break Down: Kimura
Legal Foot Locks with Joao Silva
Michael Westbrook – From the NFL to BJJ
Single Leg Take Downs with Kenny Johnson
Butterfly Drills with Andre Galvao
Tatami Estilo 3.0 Gets Tested
4 Super Foods You Need to Eat
What’s Behind Beta-Alanine?
Small Man’s Jiu-Jitsu – Mind Games

All this and much more!

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Issue 5 Dec/Jan 2012

Another packed issue of pure Jiu-Jitsu!

In This Issue:
Spider Guard with Romulo Barral
7 Finishes with Andre Galvao
High Guard by the Numbers with Juliano Prado
Clinch on Take Downs with Kenny Johnson
Knee on Bell Drills with Andre
Who Is JT Torres?
Diet Q&A
All About BCAA’s
Unconventional Full Body Workout
Your Jiu-Jitsu Zodiac
The Physics of Jiu-Jitsu
The Thinking Man’s Jiu-Jitsu (Mind Games)

All this and much more!

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Issue 4 Oct/Nov 2011

Another 100 pages packed with nothing but pure jiu-jitsu!

In This Issue:
Robert Drysdale shows you finishes the other guy won’t see coming
Master the Americana with Juliano Prado
The Wrestler’s Tool Box with Kenny Johnson
Learn basic and not-so-basic leg locks with Brandon Quick
Eat your way lean, how to correctly cut weight
Thermogenics, which ones work?
Upside down drills with Andre Galvao
Build real core strength
Rehabbing knee injuries
Stretch your lower back
Warm up with lunges
How your personality comes out in your BJJ
Strategy and Tactics in jiu-jitsu

All this and much more!

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Issue 3 Aug/Sept 2011

Our Third Issue
100 full-color pages packed with nothing but pure jiu-jitsu!

Andre Galvao Shows You His Game Plan From Start To Finish
Escape from Half Guard with Lucas Leite
Marcelo Carvalho Goes over Judo Take Downs
Grip Fighting Drills with Andre Galvao
Warm Up with Deck Squats
Stretch Your Hamstrings
Guide To Understanding Carbohydrates
Post Workout Refueling
Get Explosive with Bench Press Throws
Proper DoJo Etiquette
Feel Heavier Than You Are
Get The Most From Rolling With Better Grapplers
Diagnosing Knee Injuries
Photos From The Worlds
All this and more!

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Issue 2 June/July 2011

Our Second Issue!
100 full-color pages packed with nothing but pure jiu-jitsu!

Eddie Bravo tells all and shows you how to work the clinch
Reylan Gracie takes the back and finishes
Marcelo Carvalho goes over chokes from closed guard
Fireman’s Carry takedowns with Kenny Johnson
Attack Drills with Andre Galvao
Warm Up with a jump rope
Stretch those wrists
Enough protein in your diet?
Pre-workout supplements, which work?
Get stronger with kettle-jitsu
Gi Care
Prepare for your first tournament
Why stats matter
All this and more!

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Issue 1 April/May 2011

Premiere Issue!
100 full-color pages packed with nothing but pure jiu-jitsu!

Master Aloisio’s 7 Secrets on How to Finish
Double-Leg Takedowns Like A Pro
Side Control Finishes
Breaking and Passing Closed Guard
Your Guide to Gi Buying
Proper Hydration
Hip Stretches
The Perfect Burpee
Avoiding and Dealing with Back Injury
Practicing With Purpose
All this and more!

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