Row, Row, Row Your… Body?
Body weight rows (AKA inverted rows) are another useful exercise to build up your strength. You’ll need a lower bar or something that is roughly arm’s length from the ground. Your same muscles will be worked; however, you’ll be performing the movement at a different angle. Think of it as a reverse push-up, but instead of pushing, you pull. It will teach you how to use your core area as well.

1.    Lie flat on your back underneath the bar (or object) that is set just above where you can reach from the ground. Grasp the object with either an over or underhand grip. Contract your abdominal muscles so that your body will remain straight like a board.


2.    Begin to pull yourself up to the bar while still contracting your abs. Don’t round your lower back or sag your hips.
3.    Pull yourself up until your chest touches the object you are grasping and squeeze your shoulder blades together.


4.    Lower yourself back down to the ground, keeping everything tight, so the length of your body remains straight, and then repeat the steps.

TIP: Want to make this more difficult? Simply elevate your feet on an object as illustrated.

Prescription: As a warm-up: 8-10 reps, as a workout: 3 sets of 8-15 reps.

No Lower Bar, No Problem
I’ve done this on the open back of a staircase and have seen someone use the underside of a dining room table.


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