Fresh off of his ACB BJJ victory over Gordon Ryan, we look back when Vinny was kind enough to spend an afternoon with us. He showed us some great sequences of attacks. In this video clip (available now on Vinny shows us a clever toehold from the 50/50 guard. If you haven’t seen those, go check them out now. Of course, like most no-gi techniques, all of these can be done in the gi as well. You can also find even more technique from Vinny in Issue 53 where he covers some practical omaplata attacks that you’ll sure to successfully pull off with a little practice.

Bom treino!

50/50 to Toehold

The 50/50 guard is an interesting position. Whatever attack or defense you have, your opponent can have as well. If you’re in the 50/50, and you’re not quick to defend, you’re open to an inverted heel hook. This is one reason competitors in 50/50 will immediately figure-four their legs to mount a defense. This is the position Vinny and Shawn start from in this technique.

50/50 to Toehold from Jiu-Jitsu Magazine



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