Denver CO – Fight2Win returned to its HQ to host the 101st installment of the most exciting party in jiu-jitsu! However, F2W101 returned to Denver offering a slight twist with its inclusion of competitive Judo.

With its usual brand of matches in the “super fight” format, F2W101 featured plenty of exciting submission finishes throughout the evening with a few championship belt matches as well. Here’s a recap of a few of the evening’s notable matches.


Rustin Hughes vs Anthony Werner

In a purple belt match that was deemed the evening’s first “Submission of the Night” award, one-legged grappler, Rustin Hughes, representing “B-Bold”, a Veteran owned and operated nonprofit helping individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports, squared off against Anthony Werner. A high paced matched that started with Werner pulling half-guard and Hughes aggressively attacking to pass. After a few exchanges, Hughes dropped back from top half to attack Werner’s leg and secure the heel hook.


Rustin Hughes vs Anthony Werner
Rustin Hughes





Rustin Hughes def. Anthony Werner: Heel Hook


Seth Daniels vs Kuhio Tabancura

Fight2Win’s fearless leader, Seth Daniels, changed took off his promoter/event director hats to dawn his competition gi and match up against Kuhio Tabancura. In a short, but very exciting match that nearly saw Daniels give up his back, only to eventually initiate and counter his own leg trip to secure the takedown and immediately attack with a wrist lock from a very tight top half that would open up the opportunity for Daniels to secure a Kimura submission and celebrate with a two-birdie kiss to the winds. All without losing or swallowing, what seemed to be gum in his mouth the entire match.

Seth Daniels vs Kuhio Tabancura
Seth Daniels vs Kuhio Tabancura





Seth Daniels def. Kuhio Tabancura: Kimura


Alex Yablong vs Eric Coe

This match was for the Brown Belt Welterweight Title and was of further interest due to the fact that Alex, after winning his match earlier in the evening via decision, was a last minute replacement due to injury to the regularly scheduled competitor, Connor Donaldson. The match started with Alex pulling immediately in DLR Guard to score a couple of omoplata sweeps while constantly threatening with the omoplata submission. Coe threatened with his own leg and foot attacks but eventually came up short with Yablong scoring the split decision victory.

Alex Yablong vs Eric Coe
Alex Yablong vs Eric Coe





Alex Yablong def. Eric Coe – Split Decision

Becomes F2W Brown Belt Welterweight Champion


Ryan Reser vs Javier Torres

In a special feature match that was touted as “old school judo rules”, which meant that some of the rules allowed are not part of the current international competition rule set. Some key rules are:

  • 7 minutes for black belts / 5 mins for teens
  • The first person to 2 ippons (via throw) wins, or a submission at any time ends the bout.
  • 30 seconds of ground fighting allowed before restart, unless there is a submission attack
  • All arm locks and chokes allowed
  • Picking up and slamming from guard or a submission is counted as an ippon
  • Pulling guard is now NOT allowed, but flying attacks such as armbars and triangles are permitted
  • Leg grabs are allowed

Reser, a 2007 Judo Pan American gold medalist and member of the 2008 US Olympic Team had his work cut out for him going up against Torres, a judo and jiu-jitsu black belt and former member of the Mexican national team as well as Bellator MMA fighter. The match did not fail to excite as both Torres and Reser battled hard and at times came perilously close to falling off of the mats and at one time actually doing just that. In a toughly contested match, it was Reser who was able to secure the ippon for the win.

Ryan Reser vs Javier Torres
Ryan Reser





Ryan Reser def. Javier Torres: Ippon


Tracey Goodell vs Vanessa Wexler

The main event featured last weekend’s main event competitor Tracey Goodell returning to the F2W stage in less than a weeks time, travelling from her home in Hawaii to F2W and her opponent, F2W veteran Vanessa Wexler’s hometown in Denver CO. Once again, the main event did not disappoint as we witnessed Goodell and Wexler secure “Fight of the Night” honors, with Goodell stringing together continuous wins and emerging victorious by securing a loop choke to become the 135lb Bantamweight ruler.

Tracey Goodell vs Vanessa Wexler
Tracey Goodell vs Vanessa Wexler





Tracey Goodell def. Vanessa Wexler: Loop Choke

Becomes Masters Bantamweight Champion


F2W continues its breakneck pace of putting on some of the most fan-friendly jiu-jitsu events. Next stop, F2W102 in Rio Rancho NM. If you can’t be there to see it there live, check out the livestream on and be sure to come back here for a summary recap of all the action that took place.


Here are the events full results:

Black Belt Results
Tracey Goodell defeats Vanessa Wexler Loop Choke FOTN
*Becomes Masters Bantam Weight Champion
Mike Nickels defeats Ray Rahn Decision
Vellore Caballero defeats Sergio Castillo Electric Chair SOTN
Brian Sparrow defeats Phillip Fitzpatrick Decision
Evan Barrett defeats Justin Downing Decision
Seth Daniels defeats Kuhio Tabancura Kimura
Philip Miller Defeats Deilson Pimenta Split Decision
Kevin Lewis defeats Mark Genco Decision
Angel Lopez defeats Jeremy Adler Decision
Phillip Lietz defeats Justin Curtis Armbar

Black Belt Judo
Ryan Reser defeats Javier Torres Ippon

Brown Belts
Alex Yablong defats Eric Coe Decision
*Becomes F2W Brown Belt Welter Weight Champion
Ricky Furioso Johnson defeats Matt Sierra Decision
Walker Madden defeats Justin Colburn Heel Hook
Casey Molina defeats James Mikus decision FOTN
Joshua Sauseda defeats David Wenig Decision
Jeremy Hastings defeats Shane Lemaster Armbar SOTN
Heather Woods defeats Sharicka Long Oneil Decision
Casey Pratt defeats Brett Hernandez Decision
Daymar Ortiz defeats Jeremy Wynia Decision
Alex Yablong defeats Jalen Reyes Decision

Purple Belt Results
Trevor Polhamus defeats Dan Dykeman Split Decision
*Becomes F2W Purple Belt Feather Weight Champion
Clay Wimer defeats Jarred Ferrara RNC
Nick Gamez-Ramos defeats Samuel Castro Armbar
Bryan Brescia defats Carlos Garcia Decision
Jonathan Wilson defeats Kit Croop Darce FOTN
Kristina Lebsack Ogden defeats Shannon Sinn decision
Rustin Hughes defeats Anthony Werner Heel Hook SOTN
Richard Vigil defeats Dan Becker Decision
Sean P. Speer defeats Andy Binol Decision
Cristian Reyes defeats Levi Rowe RNC
Eric Sainz defeats Lawrence Beek Decision
Carlos E. Espinosa defeats Nicholas BIrgel Head & Arm Choke
Shayne Figliola Jr. defeats Eli Corte Decision
Matt Paul defeats Tim Colvin Armbar
Edward Johnson defeats Jamil Coleman Heel Hook


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