5. As soon as you have a hook of the leg, post your right foot to the mat and switch your base by rolling backwards.


6. With your control of his leg, feed his right leg to your left leg with a hook behind the foot.


7. Lastly, finish by pulling your right elbow down to finish.


Key Points

• In step 2 it helps to get the right hand high up on the collar, but not necessary.

• After you duck your head under his arm, let’s say he bases out his right foot to avoid the roll. That’s okay, just pull your right leg back in to knee on the mat and base out with your left foot instead. Next, drive forward with your shoulder, and grab the back of the leg when it’s within reach. Continue driving forward until his left side hits the mat. Continue your body around until you end up in the finishing position.


• When he ends up on his back, there will be some confusion as to what you’re going to do with that leg. That’s when you finish, there should be pressure applied to the choke the entire time.






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