D01Prepping for the worst, hoping for the best…

When training, it seems prudent to focus on worst-case scenarios, so a lot of time should be spent focused on fighting off one’s back. Using things like open guard sweeps helps tremendously. It gives the operators a sense of being able to do something while in their worst-case position, and just like in sport BJJ it can completely change the course of a fight. And while you won’t be up on points in the end, you will be ”winning.” Another aspect of BJJ that is utilized immensely is the half guard. It’s a good way for operators to control the hips and look for sweeps or openings to come up and scramble when on their backs, but more importantly, it allows them to get on a hip and retain side arms while having their hands free to strike, get to other tools, or effect submissions/reversals or defend against weapons that the violator may be trying to use.

Not everything being learned is going to be from the guard positions though. Guard passing to side control and mount are very important as well. Learning to avoid getting submitted is also a very big topic that is covered, because let’s face it, the good guys aren’t the only ones training hard. Learning how to stay safe and pass the guard to a more dominant ”subsition” (position you can submit from) is so important when training for tactical, real world environments.

The end is just the beginning…

In the end, the old saying is somewhat true: your best defense is a good offense. So, getting to a position of control and dominating the target, whether it’s to capture or kill, is imperative to the safety of the operator and his unit as a whole. Having every operator return home each night must be a priority, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques can help ensure that happens.


Bret Perchaluk

Bret’s been training martial arts his entire life. He works for a government agency working with operators from various agencies and departments both in the field and in the mat room. Bret has accomplished much in both the martial arts realm as well as in the tactical world boasting a black belt in judo, brown belt in BJJ, completed SWAT selection, completed the Defensive Tactics Instructor Course, Participated in CQB training, has experience in Task Force field operations.

Bret currently trains under Ryan Hall at Fifty50 BJJ, as well as learning Gorilla JJ from friend John Simmons. Visit his website www.mixedmartialworld.com that covers positive topics in the martial arts community. Be sure to check it out.



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