The Whip Down
The Whip Down is Eddie’s move to get from traditional half-guard to the Electric Chair sweep or finish. There are other ways to get to the Electric Chair, but this is Eddie’s best percentage option.

1. Eddie starts with Calvin in his half guard; Calvin’s got the underhook on Eddie’s left side. The first thing Eddie wants to make sure of is that he has the lock down on Calvin’s right leg.


2. When the leg is near, Eddie reaches out and scoops Calvin’s left leg with his right arm.  Eddie needs to regain the left side underhook. His first option is what he calls the “jaws of life” (creating a frame against Calvin’s left side neck and shoulder to create space), but if the jaws don’t work, he continues with the Whip Down.


3. With the lockdown in place and control of the leg, Eddie “whips” his body to his left, pushing his legs forward so there’s an arch in his body.



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