D’Arce Choke Mastery

Following a highly anticipated MMA match that involves any kind of high profile submission or fighter who displays high level grappling, it’s not uncommon for Rener Gracie to spring into action like a jiu-jitsu scientist super-hero to breakdown the sequence(s) and all of the additional details (and we mean details) that lead up to the submission (or any other significant grappling sequences quite honestly). You can even say that these types of matches serve as some form of “bat signal” alerting Rener that it’s time to get to work. From street fights to police encounters to said sporting events, Rener is there educating the already indoctrinated [in the grappling arts] to the unindoctrinated and in doing so elevating the presence of the science in effect.

Last weekend’s UFC 228 event was no different, as the main event between current UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley successfully defended his title against unbeaten contender Darren Till effectively applying a fight ending D’Arce choke. Here, Rener is joined by Evandro Nunes to breakdown the moments that lead to the choke and at the same time offering other options that could be available in similar situations.

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