For the Jiujiteiro, açaí is like what spinach was to the sailor Popeye. The popularity of the fruit in the center of Brazil is linked to the Gracie Family in the ’30s when they moved from Belém to Rio de Janeiro.

Many know that açaí has several benefits for our health. However, keep a close eye on the ingredients in your açaí. For example, in Brazil, it is very common to mix the frozen Açaí berry with guaraná syrup, which is very high in sugar.

Even as a Brazilian, I never tasted real açaí. I have friends that live and visited north of Brazil, and all of them told me that açaí has a strong bitter plant taste.

Be careful and smart when selecting your açaí. Grandmaster Hélio Gracie once said: “you are what you eat”.  He elaborates in the video below.




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